Modernizing non-emergency service delivery

This past year has shown us how truly adaptable we can be under extreme challenges. In an attempt to meet the needs of citizens in ways that would keep officers and the public safe, we expanded the use of online reporting, made more officers accessible by phone, introduced expanded accessibility for online police information check applications and the ability to pay for alarm bylaw permits online.

As we move through what we hope are the last stages of the pandemic, we want to take this opportunity to check in with you to help shape our future service delivery. Outside of emergency response, the vast majority of citizens connect with police for:

  • Reports of minor vehicle collisions
  • Property offences (e.g. break and enters, stolen vehicles, or car prowlings)
  • Police Information Checks – background checks required for employment or volunteering
  • Annual permits for residential or commercial alarm systems
  • General inquiries for information

What we’d like to know

We want to know your thoughts and insights into how best you would like to access non-emergency police services. Our questions focus on three main areas:

  • Reporting accessibility – what types of non-emergency events would you prefer to report online, over the phone or in person?
  • Efficient use of resources – recognizing we must play our part in supporting the City of Calgary in its efficient use of resources, how would you like to see our resources utilized?
  • Innovation – being a forward-thinking organization, how can we meet your needs not only today, but into the future?

How citizens currently access police services

For emergencies or crimes in progress, call 9-1-1. For all public safety matters and reports of crimes not in progress, call the non-emergency line 403-266-1234.

The Calgary Police Service currently has 10 community police stations that offer a variety of services such as non-emergency report taking like collisions reports, Police Information Checks (PICs), and general enquiries.

  • District 1 – Ramsay
  • District 1 – Chinook Centre Mall Community Station
  • District 2 – Rosscarrock
  • District 3 – North Haven
  • District 4 – Franklin
  • District 5 – Saddle Ridge
  • District 6 – Fairview
  • District 7 – Country Hills
  • District 8 - Midnapore
  • Calgary Police Service Headquarters - Westwinds
A map outlining the 8 districts with a blue police shield noting where each CPS reporting location (or station is located. There is no text or numbers associated to the map.

A map of the 10 community CPS stations. Click here for interactive listings and maps.

In addition to these locations, a number of services are offered to citizens online:

How we got here

Service Optimization Review - September 2020

In 2018, we received a request from City Council to undertake a Zero-based Review (ZBR). In response to this request, a Service Optimization Review was conducted with the support of external consultants. Community engagement was done to ensure citizen voices and diverse perspectives were included when discussing the future of service delivery.

This Review presented an opportunity for the CPS to ensure that we are able to sustainably provide service to the community into the future. The overall objectives for the Review were:

  • Tangible improvements related to service outcomes, employee engagement, safety and partner relationships.
  • Consider options and make recommendations for efficiencies, capacity building and improvements to service delivery.

The full report was delivered in the fall of 2020 and is available for download here. One of the key commitments in the report was the use of demand management strategies and alternative service delivery options to increase efficiency of patrol, while still ensuring the needs of the community are met. This key commitment was supported by the following recommendations:

  • Implement additional avenues for public reporting of crime and response to calls that do not involve priority response with a patrol unit.
  • Evaluate the current approach to call prioritization to ensure effective response to public calls for service and efficient management of patrol resources.
  • Engage the community about budget constraints to understand the impacts of potential service delivery changes.

Statistics for consideration

Calls for Service

Numbers for CPS District Office attendance in a bar graph

Numbers for District Office Attendance

Public to Officer Ratios

Public to Officer Chart comparing population to sworn officers to Citizen/Officers from 21012 - 2019

Public to Officer Ratio

Expense by Category Percentage

A pie chart with expense by category. The categories are salaries and wages at 86 percent, contract or general services at 6.4 percent, Materials, equipment and supplies at 6.5 percent and utilities at 1.1 percent.

Expense by Category

How We Compare

A bar graph showing Citizens served per authorized officer in major Canadian municipalities. Montreal has 443. Halifax has 476. Vancouver has 511. Winnipeg has 545. Edmonton has 549. Saskatoon has 582. Regina has 587. Toronto has 600. Calgary has 619. Que

Citizens served per authorized officer in eleven major Canadian municipalities.