About the Project

The Bridgeland Memorial LRT Station Bridge connects the Bridgeland Riverside Community to the Bridgeland Memorial LRT Station and the Regional Pathway system on the north shore of the Bow River. The original bridge was built in 1988 and the north span of the bridge was replaced in 2005.

In 2020, the Bridgeland Riverside Community Association requested the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) complete feasibility and concept studies for a bridge that would directly connect the community to St. Patrick’s Island.

The results of the studies were presented to the Calgary General Hospital Legacy Fund Review Committee and Executive Committee in the 2021. The Committees agreed that The City should proceed with the project to the Preliminary Design phase.

As part of the Preliminary Design phase, we are asking how people use the current bridge and what their priorities are for a new bridge that would connect the Bridgeland-Riverside community and Bridgeland/Memorial LRT to St. Patrick’s Island.


The Calgary General Hospital Legacy Fund is funding the Preliminary Design phase of the project.

The Fund was established in 1997 and uses the annual investment return on net proceeds from the sales and/or leases of the old Calgary General Hospital, Bow Valley Centre lands (the “BVC Lands”).

The Calgary General Hospital Legacy Fund Review Committee has identified the project and Bridgeland Riverside's vision of “inviting the River Back into Riverside” as a healthy initiative that would help increase the use of active modes of transportation in the community and help to connect the community to the Bow River and recreational amenities at St. Patrick's Island.


The community of Bridgeland Riverside has been engaged in a number of different planning activities with groups including Active Neighbourhoods, the University of Calgary’s Urban Design Program, B & A Development and The City’s Bridgeland Area Redevelopment Plan. Each of these activities identified the community's desire to improve their connection to the Bow River, St. Patrick’s Island and downtown via active modes.

This project itself is the direct outcome of these engagement opportunities.

Next Steps

Your input will be considered in the project development along with feedback from nearby businesses and advocacy groups.