BRT Program Engagement Summary

Thank you to everyone who participated and provided feedback on the BRT Program.

During the four weeks the BRT Engage portal pages were active (March 23 and May 20, 2016), they received 16,219 views from 7,258 unique visitors and 975 unique comments and questions were submitted.

Comments received indicated that roughly the same number of participants were either strongly for or against the program. Of the 975 comments, 165 were generally against the program and 153 were generally for the program. The remaining 657 comments were neutral in tone and shared comments, suggestions and questions about the program.

Learn more about what we heard in the BRT Program Final Summary Report.

Your Questions, Answered.

The City of Calgary has heard a number of questions and comments about the Southwest Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project through community and public engagement, and at the April 20, 2016, Standing Policy Committee for Transportation and Transit (SPC for T&T). Administration committed to responding to the public’s questions and reporting back at the July 20, 2016, meeting of SPC for T&T.

The Southwest BRT Response to Public Questions document was developed by City Administration to accompany the presentation that will be given at the July 20, 2016, SPC for T&T meeting. Questions from the public have been paraphrased for clarity and categorized by theme.