Safety, crime and noise related to the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) program are topics we’ve heard Calgarians would like to discuss. You'll find some information about these topics and the opportunity to provide feedback below.


Major utility infrastructure is under nearly every major roadway in Calgary. The City of Calgary routinely works with major utility companies to ensure services are delivered in a safe and reliable manner, be it gas, water or electricity.

The City is working closely with utility companies including ATCO Gas and ATCO Pipelines to gather information about underground utilities and identify how to best coordinate road construction with utility work. All utility work and road work will be done in an efficient, coordinated and safe manner.

For more information about ATCO utilities and this project, visit ATCO Gas.


Calgary Transit operates a very safe transit system. A Bus Response Team is dedicated to bus issues, including responding to unruly customers. With radio access to the Bus Control Centre, on-board video cameras constantly recording, and bus locations tracked by global positioning satellite, customers are very safe on the bus system.

One of the most common misconceptions regarding public transit is the idea that criminals use public transit to commit crime. Transit is not a common mode of transport for those committing crime, primarily because if a criminal is looking to steal items from a home, they need a vehicle large enough to carry the stolen items.

Another factor that inhibits ‘traveling criminals’ is the presence of a bus driver who ultimately controls access to a bus and, more importantly, reports suspicious situations. This is the single most effective deterrent to transit-facilitated crime.

To learn more about how Calgary Transit keeps customers safe, visit


It is City policy to conduct a traffic noise analysis for all major roadway projects. Such studies analyze the current traffic noise adjacent to a roadway and assess the impact that a proposed project would have to the existing noise levels. A noise study is currently underway on the Southwest BRT corridor. Check the Southwest BRT project page for more information and updates.

Please visit for more information on The City’s Surface Transportation Noise Policy.

Do you have any thoughts on safety, crime and noise related to the BRT program that you'd like us to consider?

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