Getting to and from Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stations is one of the topics we’ve heard Calgarians would like to discuss. You'll find some information about this topic and the opportunity to provide feedback below.

Getting to and from BRT stations

Calgarians can get to and from BRT stations by foot, bike, feeder bus or train. Different stations might have different features and access options based on the needs of the communities and transit customers it serves. As part of the station design we will be reviewing sidewalk / pathway connections, crosswalks, and existing lighting.


There are no plans to include new Park and Rides with any of the four new BRT projects, though the South Crosstown BRT will make use of the existing Park and Rides at Heritage LRT Station and Douglas Glen, and the North Crosstown BRT will make use of the existing Park and Ride at Brentwood LRT Station. The projects are intended to serve local communities and will primarily be accessed from within the community via feeder buses, walking and cycling.

As the projects near construction completion, The City will work with communities to implement residential parking restrictions if that is of interest to residents. There are different options for permitted parking in communities, including two-hour restrictions, residential parking permits, and others.

Learn more about The City’s Residential Parking Permit Program.

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