Transit Oriented Development (TOD) related to the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) program is one of the topics we’ve heard Calgarians would like to discuss. You'll find some information about this topic and the opportunity to provide feedback below.

Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

The BRT program does not include rezoning of lands adjacent to the BRT stations. The City understands that as communities evolve and people change, their travel demands change. Investments in transit will strengthen travel options and make areas more attractive to live and work. The presence of a BRT station can certainly make a piece of land more attractive for redevelopment by individual land owners. If individual land owners would like to redevelop they are required to apply for redevelopment and are required to follow the normal city process which includes a public hearing for any land use changes.

The City does encourage redevelopment over time of appropriate parcels are near transit stations. For example the Glenmore Landing shopping center is a location that may see renovations to renew and diversify the 1990s shopping centre.

The aim of the four new BRT projects is to serve developments that already exist or are already underway, such as Rockyview Hospital, Mount Royal University, Currie Barracks, University of Calgary, and Quarry Park.

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