The sidewalks should ____________.

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1 May, 2017

Sad calgarian says:

“Seems difficult to trust the roads Dept to care adequetly about pedestrians. I bet that none of these suggestions will be considered”

30 April, 2017

bpdronkers says:

“Sidewalks should be wider in order to accommodate a cycletrack on both sides.”

30 April, 2017

Mia says:

“Sidewalks need to be priority #1 & the same width as traffic lanes. Next priority, parking on both sides of street same hrs as businesses. ”

24 April, 2017

1405 says:

“Give the project over to Urban Design department to lead, with Roads dept as secondary. Reprioritize: peds 1st, cyclists 2nd, drivers 3rd”

24 April, 2017

Matt says:

“Make 9th ave, where people spend hours as pedestrians, a grand boulevard by really widening sidewalks. It would be a huge draw for all. ”

24 April, 2017


“Widen the sidwalk, narrow the roads. 9th avenue has much more value as a cultural resource than as a commuter route into and out of downtow”

22 April, 2017

Jack says:

“Reduce lane width on 9th avenue to 3.5m for transit lanes, 3m for centre lanes. Give reclaimed width (about 0.9m each side) to pedestrians.”

21 April, 2017


“Restrict traffic lanes (to 3 with central hotswap lane?) to promote pedestrian uses. Vehicle commuters can find alternative routes. ”

21 April, 2017


“Go sit in the park, or the restaurant. Don't restrict traffic. Doubt residents want to restrict traffic. Hard enough to get in & out.”

20 April, 2017

CH says:

“Need to be wider.”

19 April, 2017

Rebecca says:

“Any seating along a busy corridor needs to be thoughtful Looking at cars is not interesting Looking at people is Seating needs to reflect t”

18 April, 2017

Denn says:

“Way too narrow. Should have bump outs to make road easier to cross”