You know you've arrived in Inglewood when ____________.

Choose one or more of the options below to fill in the blank.

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Is there anything else you'd like to share about the gateways into Inglewood?

29 April, 2017

Bmax says:

“I think the old bridges denote the entrance to Inglewood and a similar "framing" that denotes entry to the community is desirable. ”

27 April, 2017

Cass says:

“The 9th Avenue bridge basically operates as two lanes today due to tight third land. Please keep it this way! Natural traffic calming!”

26 April, 2017

A says:

“Don't neglect gateways to the north (zoo island) south (Ramsay) and east (truck stop?) by assuming that the 9th ave bridge is the only one”

26 April, 2017

Juliet says:

“Things slow down. The gateways facilitate this. The street flags are welcoming. There is public art and historic building.”

24 April, 2017

Matt says:

“By forcing cars onto narrow bridges that was actually the best gateway into Inglewood because it made drivers slow down. Keep it slow always”

24 April, 2017

CC says:

“Keep the historic bridges and gateways! Contributes to historic feel of neighbourhood”

24 April, 2017


“I hope new gateways are not used as high volume commuter routes. ”

23 April, 2017

AW says:

“There are not many pleasing 'walk-gateways' for pedestrians to get out of Inglewood”

21 April, 2017

KH says:

“Better connection to Ramsay in the south. Needs underpass at 8st to match 12th underpass, both should be pedestrian-friendly”

21 April, 2017


“east entrance is confusing and not easy to find.”

21 April, 2017


“Needs a movie house”

20 April, 2017

CH says:

“The west end entrance is obvious but there's nothing special at the east end.”