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Project Update



The City is beginning hydrovac exploration work in Marda Loop along both 33 and 34 Avenues S.W. between Crowchild Trail and 18 Street S.W. This work is required so we can study the soil and road structure of the area, and to identify both City-owned and third-party utilities (Atco, Enmax, Shaw, etc.). This information will inform our final designs and allow us to plan construction efficiently.

Vehicle traffic will be maintained throughout this work, however there will be localized “No Parking” signage in place the day before work is done to support safety for crews and those in the area. Please note any signage, barriers, and markings and be alert to changing conditions as the work progresses.

This work will take place between 9am and 4pm weekdays unless weekend work is unavoidably required. We expect the work to take three to four weeks, with cooperative weather.

Thank you to area businesses, residents, and visitors for your patience while we complete this necessary work.

34 Avenue: What we heard/ what we did


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Previous Engagement

Cycling Amenities for 34 Avenue S.W.

In previous engagement we heard that cycling amenities were a priority for the community. The City of Calgary’s Pathway & Bikeway Plan has identified 34 Avenue as the most appropriate location for this infrastructure. Through our master plan work we have been undertaking a cycling study to examine 32, 33, and 34 Avenue S.W. and identify the best potential cycling route.

Through the study we have looked at possible cycling infrastructure options and locations through the lens of use, importance, cost and impact. We have also examined the existing constraints such as available right-of-way space, existing traffic volumes, and motor vehicle speeds. Our analysis confirmed that 33 Avenue S.W. was not suitable for a cycling facility without significant impact on the vehicle and pedestrian network, and 32 Avenue S.W. does not serve the regional network due to the lack of east - west connectivity.

Our study has determined that 34 Avenue S.W. is the best option as it offers better east-west connectivity, has fewer impacts on the vehicle and pedestrian network and presents the greatest opportunity to achieve an Always Available for All Ages and Abilities (5A) Network.

We are now looking for feedback on three potential design options for a bikeway on 34 Avenue S.W. to help determine the most appropriate cycling facility treatment.

Bike Boulevard Option

Bike Boulevards are streets with low motorized traffic volumes and speeds, designated and designed to give bicycle travel priority. In this option, pedestrian sidewalks are separated and parallel parking remains on both sides of the street, similar to existing conditions.

Multi-use Path Option

Multi-use Paths are shared facilities between cyclists and pedestrians that are physically separated from the roadway. Implemented on one side of the street, the multi-use path supports bicycle + pedestrian movement in both directions while preserving on-street parking on both sides.

One Way Cycle Track Option

One-way Cycle Tracks on either side of the street provide physically separated space that allows for bicycle movement in one direction on each side. Pedestrian sidewalks are adjacent but separated, and parallel parking remains on both sides of the street.

Option Ranking - Outcomes


Project Area


33/34 Avenues S.W. (Marda Loop) Streetscape Master Plan

The City has developed a Streetscape master plan for Marda Loop's Main Streets based on citizen and stakeholder feedback, technical analysis, and financial considerations.

The concept of a Main Street reflects the integration between public space, business, and people. The plan supports the needs identified by the community and provides a vision that guides the detailed design and construction phases. The vision encompasses numerous considerations, including:

  • design for pedestrian safety
  • enhanced interaction between different mobility modes
  • creation of placemaking opportunities
  • provision of trees and site furnishings for comfort
  • design to support local businesses
  • connection to park spaces and amenities
  • transit and laneway access improvements

Currently, the project team is developing detailed design drawings for this Main Streets project. Part of this process also includes utility investigation and capacity modelling, alignment with other capital projects in the area, and future development activity. We expect this phase of the project to be complete by fall 2021. After design approvals, we will be able to confirm a high-level scope and timelines for construction.

Pedestrian Safety Measures / Interim Measures

Temporary improvement measures such as wheelchair ramps and traffic-calming curbs will be installed along 34 Avenue between 14 Street and 20 Street. These measures are in response to the stakeholder and general public feedback that we heard in previous engagements. Work to install the wheelchair ramps will be done in October 2021, with traffic-calming curbs to be installed by early 2022.

We know that parking in the area is important for people visiting and travelling to the area. The temporary improvements are designed to increase pedestrian safety but to also find a balance with available parking. These measures will reduce parking between 14 Street and 20 Street by 24 stalls, leaving a total of 169 stalls available for vehicle use. Throughout the design and process, we have engaged the Marda Loop BIA and Marda Loop Community Association, who are both supportive of these plans.

The City is planning the future of Calgary’s thriving main streets.

We’re moving towards our goal to plan, invest in and create main streets where businesses can thrive and create a destination that all Calgarians can enjoy. Since 2018, we’ve been working with community members to understand the character of these main streets and to plan for their future.

Next Steps

The Marda Loop Main Streets project continues to progress, with plans to begin construction in 2023 pending funding availability.

The project team has been refining designs for both 33 and 34 Avenues S.W. to support the unique, holistic vision for Marda Loop. Plans will improve the public realm and create safe, thoughtful mobility connections and community spaces through:

  • A balance of transportation options, including a focus on pedestrian and cyclist improvements.
  • A family-friendly, safe street that focuses on the needs of the community.
  • A design that is uniquely “Marda Loop” and reflects its identity.

Please click here to view the 33 and 34 Avenues S.W. combined roll plot.

The design is built on the Main Streets Core Values:

Social & Healthy Lifestyle: Create a family-friendly and safe street environment that focuses on promoting sense of community.

Mobility & Functionality: Achieve a balance of multi-modal transportation options with a focus on pedestrian-friendly and inclusive design.

Character & Identity: Create a street that establishes a unique sense of place and offers memorable experiences for both residents and visitors.

Economic Vitality: Street improvements promote economic vitality by encouraging redevelopment opportunities and promoting investment.

The City is working with businesses and residents to finalize scope and to ensure we’re balancing the needs of the project with the needs of the stakeholders to complete this project in a fiscally responsible way.

Our team is reviewing construction timeline options and we’re working with local businesses and other stakeholders to ensure we’re proceeding in a way that’s best suited for the community. We hope to balance the length of time required for construction with the impacts associated with each option to keep overall disruption to businesses, residents, and visitors to a minimum.

We want to thank residents for their patience during this process. Our focus has been on planning construction to best protect traffic mobility, pedestrian safety, business access and parking, while positioning crews to efficiently and productively complete construction.