The City is developing a Streetscape Master Plan for 33 and 34 Avenues S.W., as part of the Main Streets initiative’s investment phase. A streetscape includes all visual and functional elements of a street that collectively form its character. Some areas we are exploring include:

  • Sidewalk features (e.g. street trees, patios, street furniture)
  • Crosswalks and street corner configurations
  • Laneway and park connectivity
  • Street lighting
  • Pedestrian safety features

We are producing a detailed plan that provides a blueprint to rebuild 33 and 34 Avenues S.W. in a way that meets the needs of current and future residents, visitors and business owners.


Map of the boundary area, includes 33 & 34 Avenues from Crowchild Trail to 14 Street S.W.

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The Streetscape Master planning area includes 33 & 34 Avenues from Crowchild Trail to 14 Street S.W.

Phase 2 Streetscape Design Priorities

Pedestrian Comfort and Enhanced Landscape: Establishing a vibrant streetscape through enhanced landscaping, repeated elements and design styles.

Parking: Establishing clearly defined parking zones to help prioritize the parking within the corridor.

Public Transit and Automobiles: Upgrades to public transit stops and locations are being explored to improve the riders’ experience. Travel lanes will be maintained at the current spacing to curb line to create a consistent travel experience throughout the corridor.

Bicycles: Bicycle amenities will be considered; however, the pedestrian and parking experience will be a priority as bicycle amenities are explored.

Goods / Services: Large vehicle pick up and drop off will be facilitated through lane access not at curb side.

To review the boards from the Street Front please see them here.


After reviewing the information please consider the questions below.

Which of the following best describes you? (Choose all the apply)
A parking study is being considered as part of the streetscape master plan. To better understand these parking trends, when do you find parking to be the most difficult in Marda Loop? Choose one day.
What time of day do you find parking to be the most difficult in Marda Loop?
Referring to the 4 Flex Zone images below, which 2 options do you prefer in the context for Marda Loop?
When thinking about the Urban Plaza flex zone, which method of implementation do you prefer?
In a situation where the sidewalk width may be reduced to provide space for public features, which of the following would you prefer?
Corner Park
Have you attended the storefront at 1935 33 Ave SW prior to completing this survey?
At our last engagement event we asked how the community would like to be engaged. The community expressed a preference for a larger format drop-in style opportunity. How satisfied are you with this opportunity to provide feedback?
I received enough information from the "storefront" to provide meaingful input.
I understand how my input from this survey will be used for the project.
The "storefront" format was an effective way for the City to collect my input.

To provide feedback on Main Streets 33/34 S.W. please go here


A What We Heard Report will be posted here once all input on this phase is complete and reviewed. A final streetscape design will be presented in Fall 2018.