The City is developing a Streetscape Master Plan for 33 and 34 Avenues S.W., as part of the Main Streets initiative’s investment phase. A streetscape includes all visual and functional elements of a street that collectively form its character. Some areas we are exploring include:

  • Sidewalk features (e.g. street trees, patios, street furniture)
  • Crosswalks and street corner configurations
  • Laneway and park connectivity
  • Street lighting
  • Pedestrian safety features

We are producing a detailed plan that provides a blueprint to rebuild 33 and 34 Avenues S.W. in a way that meets the needs of current and future residents, visitors and business owners.


Map of the boundary area, includes 33 & 34 Avenues from Crowchild Trail to 14 Street S.W.

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The Streetscape Master planning area includes 33 & 34 Avenues from Crowchild Trail to 14 Street S.W.


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Design elements that provide an elaborate display, sequence or ceremony to a place often to create an emotional response. These design features are not necessarily functional, they are the icing on the cake. Examples include: banners, light displays, public art.

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Street Furniture

Furnishings found in public space for the use of the general public. This may include benches, trash receptacles, planters, etc.

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Lighting that is used to enhance the pedestrian experience through the space. This does not include the street lights for traffic, however refers to light poles that are oriented for pedestrians, light bollards, up-lighting, flood lighting, etc.

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Incorporating historical elements of the site within the overall design of the streetscape to creatively connect the past with the present and future.

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Trees / Vegetation

The use of trees, shrubs and perennials soften the harsh appearance of asphalt and concrete. These can be planted either at ground surface or in raised planters.

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Establishing a streetscape character that provides unique experiences for users. It is the atmosphere and ambiance created by the diversity of users, types of businesses, and user experiences.

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It is important to maintain or improve the traffic flow of cars through the neighbourhood and on street parking options.

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Traffic Calming

Refers to the design tools used to reduce the speed of drivers along a road. Traffic calming is seen in the form of curb bulb outs, on street parking, narrower roads, speed bumps, and the use of different pavement materials at intersections.

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This term describes the amenities found along a transit system. This may include transit signage, wayfinding signage, benches, shelters, and on street transit improvements.

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This term includes all bicycle amenities such as bike racks, bike parking, bike lanes, and intersection treatments.

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Pedestrian Comfort

Various factors influence the sense of comfort/safety a person feels as they walk along a road. These factors include: wide sidewalks, vegetation, buffer zones from the road, elements of interest, and safe road crossing opportunities.

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Establishing a unified streetscape through repeated elements, design styles, branding, and/or motifs. Illustrated by the continuity of materials, shapes, forms, colour, naming, etc. throughout the streetscape.

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    A What We Heard Report will be posted here once all input on this phase is complete and reviewed. Further engagement will take place regarding streetscape elements and concept designs in Spring 2018 and a final streetscape design will be presented in Fall 2018.