The City is working with citizens to develop a Streetscape Master Plan for 17 Avenue S.W. (between Crowchild Trail and 37 Street S.W.), as part of the Main Streets initiative’s investment phase. The streetscape includes all visual and functional elements of a street that collectively form its character and contribute to enhance the experience of people using the street.

A streetscape is the area that spans between two building faces (or property lines) on either side of the road. Some of the elements we are exploring include:

  • Sidewalk features (e.g. paving materials, street furniture, lighting, bus shelters etc.)
  • Pedestrian comfort, crosswalks, accessibility and traffic calming.
  • Trees and vegetation.
  • Interface between public and private space (e.g. patios and public spaces).
    • The roadway as a function of the streetscape (e.g. lane definition, shared turning lanes, parking, etc.).
    • Mobility, connectivity and transportation options (e.g. walking, cycling, transit, parking, etc.).
    • Local identity, signage and opportunities for public art, and
      • Sustainability and storm water management.
            • It is within this Main Streets Implementation Program that we discover, explore and reveal the Streetscape Master Plan. The Streetscape Master Plan will provide a blueprint to rebuild 17 Avenue S.W. (between Crowchild Trail and 37 Street S.W.) and is aimed to meet the needs of current and future residents, visitors and business owners.

              Building with sidewalk and street indicating public realm


              Map of the planning area, 17 Avenue S.W. from Crowchild Trail to 37 Street S.W.

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              The Streetscape Master planning area includes 17 Avenue S.W. from Crowchild Trail to 37 Street S.W.


              Click on the tabs below for details of the streetscape features.

              Local Identity

              Historical and cultural elements, places or events that are significant for the community. Local identity may include design elements, styles, branding, motifs, materials, shapes, forms, color, and/or names repeated throughout the streetscape.

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              Trees and Vegetation

              Trees, shrubs and perennials naturalize and soften the appearance of surfaces and buildings. These can be planted at ground level or in raised planters.

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              Opportunities to create a more environmentally friendly streetscape by introducing low impact development techniques, such as trees, plants and rocks to naturally filter storm-water.

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              Pedestrian and cyclist movement and includes all bicycle amenities such as bike racks, bike parking, bike lanes, and intersection treatments.

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              Pedestrian Comfort

              Wider sidewalks, vegetation, buffer zones from the road, elements of interest and safe road crossing opportunities contribute to the sense of comfort/safety a person feels as they walk along a main street.

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              Animated Public Spaces

              This element includes destination points and gathering places such as pop-up parks and informal play areas and small plaza's where space permits. Various design elements can be used to create a memorable experience for users of the space.

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              Public Private Interface

              Public private interface refers to the spaces between the public street and private property. Design elements can be used to create a seamless integration between the public and private spaces along the street.

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              Street Furniture

              Furnishings found in public space for the use of the general public. This may include benches, trash receptacles, tree grates, and planters.

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              Public Art

              Art introduced in specific locations or as a consistent theme along the corridor to emphasize local identity, provoke thought and reaction and to enhance the experience of the public space.

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              Street lighting enhances vehicle and pedestrian safety. Pedestrian oriented lighting can include decorative lighting tailored to different seasons or special community events.

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              Smart Technology

              A contemporary consideration to support the innovative time we live in, including information technology devices and applications to provide real-time data, tools and information. Examples include: public Wi-Fi and USB charging stations, electronic way-finding and electronic transit information.

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              Design elements that reinforce the function of 17 Ave SW as part of the City’s main streets, where the flow of vehicle traffic remains important. Examples include traffic calming measures, and vehicle flow improvements (signage, lane dedication and width).


              Amenities that are part of the transit system servicing the corridor, and refers to transit signage, wayfinding signage, benches, shelters, and on street transit improvements.

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              Providing parking options such as on-street parking with consideration for parking orientation and configuration.

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              This is an important element in the overall quality of the streetscape and refers to how light poles, power cables and surface infrastructure are integrated in the overall design concept for the study area.

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              Idea Map

              Show us spots along 17 Ave that are important to you, and tell us why they matter. Click the "add marker" button to get started! Use the + and - buttons to zoom in or out. Click and drag the map to move it around.

              NEXT STEPS

              A What We Heard Report will be posted here once all input on this phase is complete and reviewed. Further engagement will take place regarding streetscape elements and concept designs in Spring 2018 and a final streetscape design will be presented in Fall 2018.