We are reviewing the Southeast 17 Corridor Design Study to become a new Area Redevelopment Plan and to include specific signage policies for 17 Avenue S.E.

We will be sharing information about Area Redevelopment Plans, the planning process and how all the elements fit together to achieve a unified goal for an area.

Proposed Land Use Concept Map

Map of proposed land uses


In November and early December we conducted in-person and online input opportunities.

See below to see what we asked online. This feedback form is now closed.

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What about the proposed Land Use concept for the transitional area (yellow area on the above map - labelled as Neighbourhood Limited) do you like? (Check all that apply)

The current Southeast 17 Corridor Study is available here. Please review to answer the following question.

As we move forward with the planning process, The City is looking to continue a dialogue with the community about specific aspects of placemaking and community-building. Some possible discussion topics are below.

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In the last year, we've talked to Calgarians, completed market analysis and reviewed City policies and goals for each of the main streets.

What about the unique factors for 17 Avenue S.E. listed below do you find most interesting or relevant and why? Select a maximum of 4 factors.

The yellow areas on the map above (labelled as Neighbourhood Limited) are being considered as a transition area where future development would allow for rowhouses and townhouses. This would provide a variety of housing forms and likely increase the local population and sustain the local retail and commercial businesses and other services, and make the best use of existing infrastructure.

How well do you feel this area fits with your vision of the 17 Avenue S.E. main street neighbourhood?

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.


We will review the results of in-person and online engagement and share here and with the project team in a What We Heard Report.

In the next couple of months the project team will work on drafting a policy, which will be reported back in another engagement session in late January. The draft policy will then be finalized and reported back to the public prior to going to the Calgary Planning Commission and City Council for approval.