We are reviewing 14 Avenue N.W., between 24 Street and 14 Street, to understand how to improve mobility and accessibility for all ways of travel. 14 Avenue N.W. connects to important destinations including SAIT, Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, Alberta University of the Arts, Lions Park, North Hill Centre as well as Lions Park and SAIT/AUArts/Jubilee Station Light Rail Transit (LRT) Stations.

Project Background

14 Avenue N.W. has been identified for road rehabilitation in 2022. This provides an opportunity to address concerns we have heard from the community and explore ideas to enhance existing infrastructure along and across 14 Avenue N.W. including:

  • replacing the existing on-street shared vehicle and wheeling lane with on-street painted wheeling lanes from 24 Street to 19 Street;
  • constructing a traffic circle at 20 Street to make it easier to exit Lions Park strip mall eastbound for people who drive;
  • installing elephant crossings on 19 Street so people who wheel do not have to dismount (elephant crossings are the white markings painted on each side of a pedestrian crossing that allow people who wheel to ride through the intersection rather than dismount);
  • providing transition ramps from the on-street painted wheeling lane to the widened multi-use pathway west of the 19 Street intersection;
  • providing wheelchair ramps and extending the 3.0 meter multi-use pathway to the ramps at the southeast corner of the 19 Street intersection to provide a more direct connection;
  • improving walking and wheeling facilities by adding a 3.0 meter multi-use pathway around the transit space behind Lions Park LRT station; and
  • improving segments of the existing multi-use pathway including the constrained section under the pedestrian bridge.

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Understanding the perspectives and expectations of users is fundamental to our efforts to improve Calgary’s transportation system. Public engagement will help us to understand user needs and expectations, ensuring that their voices are part of the decision-making process.

Benefits and Tradeoffs



  • Allows for addition of dedicated wheeling infrastructure to an already active community (The 2016 Census of Canada shows that 39% of this community uses active modes to commute to work compared to the average 24% of Calgary communities.)
  • Proposed wheeling infrastructure reflects changing trends of how people move about in their communities
  • Wheeling lanes invites more users and promotes safe active living
  • Narrower travel lanes reduces vehicle speeds


  • Street parking option removed along 14 Avenue (between 24 Street and 20 Street)



  • Serves as gateway feature to residential nature of community and calms westbound traffic
  • Accommodates U-turns from Lions Park mall


  • Challenging to accommodate wheeling lane as travel lanes are pushed to the edges of road / intersection
  • Some driver uncertainty about yielding to other vehicles and road users

STUDY AREA (click on images to enlarge)



The input we receive from Calgarians, along with data collection and technical expertise, will help us to make decisions and finalize the recommended changes, and present them back to the public in the fall.

We anticipate Calgarians will be able to use the new facilities in 2022.


We want you to feel included in engagement. This means that we want you to feel respected; we want you to know your opinion is valued; and, we want you to be supported to participate in The City’s engagement process. We do not want you to experience any difficulties to sharing your ideas and opinions with us. We try to design engagement activities so that everyone that wants to be involved, can be.

We use your answers to the following evaluation and demographic questions to understand which voices from the community are missing so we can be better at including them next time. We work with internal and external colleagues to help ensure that our engagement activities are welcoming to all.