On November 24, 2016 Council directed Administration to undertake and evaluate an amendment to the West Springs Area Structure Plan (ASP), through the developer funded ASP Program. The developer funded ASP amendment will focus on approximately 34 hectares of land and is being reviewed concurrently with two applications, West District and West Park. There are two additional development applications that lie outside the developer funded ASP boundary, but also propose development in the West Springs area.

  • West District: Approximately 22 hectares of land is being reviewed as an Outline Plan and Land Use Amendment application. West District is a proposal for a master planned neighbourhood in west Calgary that proposes a compact, higher-intensity (people and jobs), transit-supportive and mixed-use neighbourhood. Located within the community of West Springs, the West District plan area is south of Old Banff Coach Road S.W., east of 85 Street S.W., west of 77 Street S.W., and north of 9 Avenue S.W.
  • West Park: Approximately 4 hectares of land is being reviewed as an Outline Plan and Land Use Amendment application to plan and develop a portion of West Springs, to be called West Park. West Park includes the area north of 9 Avenue S.W., between 77 Street and 85 Street S.W. (including the parcels of land located at 819 81 Street S.W. and 839 81 Street S.W.) The proposal is for residential development.
  • LOC2017-0213 Site: This application on 1.9 hectares of land at the corner of 11 Avenue S.W. and 77 Street S.W. proposes an anticipated 30 single detached homes and an open space.
  • LOC2017-0188 Site: Approximately 13 hectares of land is being reviewed as an Outline Plan and Land Use Amendment application to accommodate low density and multi-residential units, as well as commercial uses and a green space. The plan area is located to the west of 85 Street S.W. and north of Bow Trail S.W.

Please note: At this time, the southeast area of West Springs amendment is on hold for further technical review and will not be proceeding to Calgary Planning Commission and Council.

West Springs ASP Map

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Since we were last in the community a number of revisions have been made to the West District Application and the proposed amendments to the West Springs Area Structure Plan (ASP). These are detailed in the information panels provided.

Please read the panels to inform your answers to the below questions.

After reading the information panels, please complete these questions to share your comments about the proposed amendments to the West Springs ASP. Your input will be reviewed and The City will consider possible changes to the ASP amendments. All feedback collected through public engagement will be shared with the community through a What We Heard Report.

Community Idea/ Concern: Citizens are concerned with high density development and tall buildings.

Proposed change: The overall density has been changed from 2,758 to 1,789 units and commercial square footage has been reduced from 1.6 million square feet to 1.08 million square feet. Building heights have been reduced; along the north edge of Old Banff Coach Road from 30 metres to 20 metres, the height has been limited to 16 metres along 77 St S.W. and the height has been limited to 11 metres along the south edge.

Community Idea/ Concern: Citizens are concerned about the impact of density on the transportation system.

Proposed change: Transportation impacts were reviewed and it was determined that a reduction from the original density ask would be more appropriate given the existing transportation network capacity. Several infrastructure upgrades will be necessary to ensure the network can support the proposed densities.

Development will be phased as required transportation infrastructure is constructed. These upgrades can be found here.

Community Idea/ Concern: Citizens would like better and safer connectivity for all modes (bikes, pedestrians and vehicles).

Proposed change: The street network will feature short blocks and be grid-based, promoting the greatest connectivity for all transportation modes. The street design will promote active transportation (walking and cycling) choices and new regional pathway connections that fill the gaps in the existing pathway network.

Community Idea/ Concern: Citizens are supportive of green space and have made specific suggestions for space programming.

Proposed change: Approximately 8 acres of multi-layered programming will be available on the site.

The open space will include a flexible development site where private or public recreational facility space, including for community meeting purposes, could be provided.


Citizen feedback provides Administration and City Council with valuable, local knowledge of the community and the proposed development area. The citizen input provided through our engagement program will help inform Administration’s review of the application and amendments.

Administration will be sharing all engagement results with the Applicants and we will be using your feedback to inform the amendments. All input gathered through all phases of engagement will also be used in reports provided to Calgary Planning Commission and City Council.