The Temporary Signs on Highways bylaw is being updated and The City of Calgary is looking into the use of temporary signs used on public property at the side of roads and boulevards. Temporary signs are often used to advertise community events, school and sport registrations, small businesses, campaigns and public information.


Online and in-person feedback was collected throughout October 2016 of how you view temporary signs in Calgary, how these signs influence your actions and how they impact Calgary’s streetscape.

View the Temporary Signs Review What We Heard Report to see the feedback that we received through engagement. Due to the volume of responses that we received, we have included the verbatim comments of the report in nine separate documents available in the document library.

Your input was used to help the project team make recommended revisions to the bylaw, including:

  • Establishing maximum sign heights
  • Prohibiting signs in playground zones
  • Requirements for minimum distances between signs by same owner/business/election candidate

The City's News Blog, Proposed changes on the use of temporary roadside signs going to Council speaks to the Leader of Strategic Planning at Roads about the project.

Why was there no option in the survey for zero temporary signs?

We did not provide zero temporary signs as an option in the survey because courts in Canada have ruled that placing temporary signs on public property may be regulated and controlled, but cannot be prohibited. A ban of signs violates Section 2(b) of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which states "Everyone has the freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communications."


Feedback collected from engagement was used by the project team to develop amendment recommendations to the Temporary Signs on Highways bylaw (29M97). These amendment recommendations will be presented to the Transportation & Transit Committee on May 17 and if accepted, will be presented to Council.