As part of the Pedestrian Strategy we are looking at ways to improve walking at intersections throughout Calgary. This intersection has been identified by community members as a difficult area for both drivers and pedestrians.

The offset driving lanes make it difficult for drivers to see pedestrians crossing the road, and means that pedestrians must be in the intersection longer when crossing the road. Straightening the driving lanes, and addressing curbs makes it easier for drivers and pedestrians to see each other when travelling through the intersection. The curb extensions will make pedestrians more visible to drivers before stepping onto the roadway.

We want to test out a low cost solution to address the issues that pedestrians and drivers are currently experiencing before constructing a permanent solution. Traffic calming curbs are easy to move around if we need to modify the design. The temporary traffic calming curbs will be removed in late September.

With the space created by the reconfiguration we are considering a variety of options that are designed to encourage people to use the space, such as pavement painting, benches and flower pots. When the final design is created we will work with you to identify the best way to use the space long-term.


Help us refine the final design. During the pilot we are looking to understand how the temporary design is working. To complement our technical reviews, we are asking Calgarians to tell us about their experiences using the new intersection design and gathering ideas for how we can use the space between the sidewalk curbs and the temporary curbs. The feedback tools below will close on September 22, 2017.

Feedback Form

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Use a pin to show us a specific location you would like to comment on.

  1. Tell us what is working or not working about the design in that location.
  2. Tell us what you like about, or what else might be done in, the space between the sidewalk curbs and temporary curbs.

Zoom in to the the specific location before clicking the red bar to drop a pin and add a comment. Comments can be up to a maximum of 140 characters.

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The pilot will last until late September 2017, when the traffic calming curbs will be removed. A decision on a permanent change to the intersection will be made after analyzing the engagement and technical feedback gathered during the pilot.