The City of Calgary has received an application to redesignate (rezone) an area of land located in the community of Glendale. The applicant is seeking to change the designation from R-C1, which is a residential designation primarily used for single-detached homes, to M-H1, which is a multi-residential designation for an apartment building that may include commercial storefronts. More information about the application, which was submitted by Carlisle Group, can be found at calgary.ca/pdmap/LOC2017-0210.

Located on 17 Avenue S.W., the application would allow for a multi-residential building that may have commercial storefronts. The proposed designation could accommodate a building with a maximum height of 18 metres (6 storeys), which would be an increase of the current allowed height of 10 metres. A maximum of 110 units is proposed, an increase from the current maximum of five units.

Properties covered by this application include:

  • 4919 17 Avenue S.W.
  • 4923 17 Avenue S.W.
  • 4927 17 Avenue S.W.
  • 4931 17 Avenue S.W.
  • 4935 17 Avenue S.W.

See site map below.


Online input was collected Wednesday, August 23 – Wednesday, September 6, 2017. We are currently compiling your input. Please check back for a report on this input.

The City has identified several key topics from public submissions related to this application that may be of interest or concern to stakeholders.

  • Community Context: Consider how the building integrates with the established look, feel and types of development in the community.
  • Parking: Consider how street parking is currently used in the area and how additional cars may affect available parking areas.
  • Traffic: Consider the flow of vehicles along 17th Avenue S.W., community roadways and alleys.
  • Building height: Consider how an increase from two to six storeys would impact daily life.
  • Pedestrian access: Consider how you walk around the area currently, and what should be considered to ensure safe use for pedestrians.
  • Pathways: Consider the current pathway system and any impacts to neighbourhood pathways surrounding the application site.

We are seeking public feedback on these topics, as well as on general issues and concerns related to the application to help us focus our review.

Using the drop down boxes below, select the three topics most important to you, and provide a description of why in the comment box underneath. If you select Other, please also provide us with the topic you would like included in the list.

Any additional specific issues or concerns regarding the application can be provided in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

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We will provide the applicant with our comments on the application, including the results of our technical review and comments submitted during this round of public engagement, in mid-September. Once received, the applicant will have 90 days to respond.

We will review this response and provide our recommendation regarding this application to City Council in early 2018. If this application is approved by City Council, the building design, mix and size of uses, and site layout details such as parking, landscaping and site access will be determined later at the development permit review stage.