In June of 2017, Hopewell Residential submitted an application to develop the former Hawkwood Farm with the intention of building a new residential community that includes approximately 890 new residential units. The proposal includes a mix of housing types including single detached dwellings, townhouses and apartment buildings (aproximately 4 storeys). The proposal also includes new streets, public parks and public pathways.

Why is The City considering this application?

The former Hawkwood Farm is a privately owned piece of land. The landowner has the right to apply to The City through a land use redesignation application, to change the way they use their land. The City is obliged to conduct an impartial review of these applications.

The images in the questions below have been submitted by the developer. They have not been approved by The City.


There are three parts to this application:

  • Land Use Redesignation
  • Outline Plan
  • Master Plan and Design Guidelines

This application proposes to change the current land use designation (zoning) of this site from Special Purpose Future Urban Development (S-FUD) District to a range of multi-residential and low density residential land uses to allow for the development of a range of new housing.

The Outline Plan for this application lays out the framework for future subdivision of the “Hawkwood Farm” property and establishes the configuration of streets, accesses, park space, pathway connections and servicing requirements.

A Master Plan and Design Guidelines provide direction and guidance for The City in evaluating future development permit applications for buildings on the site.


Study Review

The City is currently reviewing the supporting information submitted with this application. This review involves making sure the documents meet City technical standards. The following studies are under review:

  • Transportation Impact Assessment
  • Biophysical Impact Assessment
  • Staged Master Drainage Plan
  • Geotechnical Report

Public Engagement

Community feedback on the application is also part of the application review. There were four ways in which citizens could provide feedback on the application:

  1. Online at calgary.ca/arboulake which was open from August 21 - September 10.
  2. By attending the open house on August 22 at the Arbour Lake Atria Retirement Centre.
  3. By dropping-in to one of the open houses on August 24 and 25 at the Arbour Lake Residents Association.
  4. Providing feedback on one of the two sounding boards, which hosted information and postcards for pick-up and drop-off. These were on the north and south end of the regional pathway off of 85 Street N.W. They were up from August 23 - September 10. The boards were updated weekly with a summary of what was heard from community members online, in person or collected from the boards. The summaries are on the right hand side of this page in the documents library.

What We Heard Report

Over the past few weeks, The City has been finalizing the What We Heard report, which is now available for you to review at calgary.ca/arbourlake. This report provides an overview of all of the feedback that was captured through the open houses, online survey and community sounding boards. It also provides a summary of the key themes and concerns that emerged from those platforms.

The information captured in the What We Heard report helped to inform the Detailed Team Review (DTR), which was sent to the applicant on September 15, 2017. The DTR contains a list of recommended changes to the proposed plan, informed by technical analysis from City staff and citizen concern. A summary of the DTR will be shared online shortly.

Next steps

The applicant will now review the information provided in the DTR and submit a revised application to The City later this year. Once The City receives the amended application, we will host another event to provide further details on the project and answer any questions. Please stay tuned for more information.


Feedback for the Arbour Lake outline plan and land use redesignation application review is now closed. A summary of feedback received will be posted in September. A summary of how the information was used in the feedback provided to the developer will be posted in October.

Question 1: Are there any pedestrian connections that are missing?

If so, click the red bar below to add a pin and comment to tell us why.

What do you think about the location of the apartment buildings? They are the large grey rectangles. The proposal has them at a maximum of 4 stories. If you would move them tell us where and why. If not, tell us why you would keep them as they are. Use the image as a reference guild. Keep in mind that the storm-water pond cannot be moved.

Thinking about future development on this site, tell us about what additional park spaces, amenities, or programs you’d like to see included. Use the image in questions 1 and 2 as a reference or to tell us about specific locations.

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.