The City of Calgary is starting the process of creating a new Area Redevelopment Plan for Bridgeland-Riverside. The original Bridgeland-Riverside Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) was adopted by Council in 1980 and is out of date in terms of policy and direction. The new ARP will establish a vision for the area and guide future redevelopment. The Bridgeland-Riverside ARP will address future redevelopment types (e.g. residential, commercial), pedestrian and cycling connections, transportation and parking, open spaces, building heights and densities, and design. The ARP will take approximately 18 months to draft and is anticipated to be presented to City Council by December 2018.

The City recently selected members for the Bridgeland-Riverside Community Advisory Group. The Group will be responsible for discussing community planning issues, engagement for the plan and policy direction. The ARP process will be collaborative and will involve working with the Community Advisory Group as well as area residents, landowners, business owners and industry experts.

More details on this project will be coming soon, with a public kick-off event anticipated in the fall of 2017.

East Riverside Master Plan

In 2016, The City began working with Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association and area landowners to create a Master Plan for the East Riverside area. The Master Plan, which covers the area of land south of Centre Avenue N.E. and east of 9 Street N.E., sets out a vision for the East Riverside area and principles to achieve this vision. As The City begins work on a new Area Redevelopment Plan for Bridgeland-Riverside, the content of the Master Plan will be used and incorporated into the new Area Redevelopment Plan where possible.


The City will begin meeting with area stakeholders throughout the summer.