Having ____________ makes it easier to socialize on 9 Avenue.

Choose one or more of the options below to fill in the blank.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about how you socialize on 9 Avenue?

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29 April, 2017

BM says:

“How about speakers playing background music along the avenue -- Inglewood as the music centre with various: jazz, Latin, classical, rock...”

21 April, 2017

KH says:

“Scale down vehicle access. Slow traffic. Widen sidewalks. Don't do a half-arsed job to appease vehicle commuters over pedestrians.”

18 April, 2017


“Our dog helps us socialize. Dog needs more safe places to be tied up when shopping/eating. Dog also could use some more grass/trees for... ”

18 April, 2017


“9th avenue is currently very noisy and not inviting to linger on. Reduction of buses and slowing of traffic could help.”

17 April, 2017

Janewoh says:

“Also even pavement and sidewalks”

17 April, 2017

Domi says:

“More trees to create shade ”

17 April, 2017

Roman says:

“Don't let to fence off the cafe patios”

17 April, 2017

Mieka says:

“Large areas for impromptu seating, skateboarding and impromptu performances, not stand alone seats that face traffic. combine functions. ”