Our Goal

As part of the implementation phase of the Main Streets initiative, The City is developing a streetscape Master Plan for 9 Avenue S.E. Our goal is to identify a streetscape plan for Inglewood's main street that reflects its heritage and builds on the values of the community.

Exploring the possibilities

Some of the areas that we will be exploring are the visual elements of the street including sidewalks, street furniture, trees and open spaces, and adjoining buildings that collectively form the street's character.

Visit the 9 Avenue Main Streets project page for additional information on the Main Streets initiative.


This is the first phase of online engagement for this project - where we want to develop a vision and guiding principles for the streetscape master plan. We want to discover what makes 9 Avenue S.E. unique and what opportunities and constraints exist along the 9 Avenue corridor.

At this time there are two ways to provide feedback online, by using our map tool below to identify opportunities and constraints, and by clicking on the tiles below and answering questions about what would make 9 Avenue a more functional main street for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Drop a pin to tell us what opportunities and constraints exist for the 9 Avenue corridor. What works that exists already or what would you change to make 9th Avenue function better as Inglewood’s main street.