In November 2016, Council directed Administration to work with the landowners using the Developer Funded Model to amend the Symons Valley Community Plan. The plan amendment will add policies to direct future development of the Sage Hill area but will not change the Symons Valley Community Plan as it relates to other areas. The Sage Hill amendment area comprises approximately 38 hectares of land located in northwest Calgary and is bounded by Sage Valley Boulevard N.W. to the north, Sage Hill Drive N.W. to the east, Sage Hill Gate N.W. and Sage Hill Boulevard N.W. to the south and by Shaganappi Trail N.W. and a deep coulee feature on the west.

The purpose of the plan amendment is to ensure development in this area supports the goals of Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan, which means accommodating a mix of residential, retail and commercial uses focused around a primary transit network.


The City of Calgary asked for public input on this amendment to the Symons Valley Community Plan. For a summary of public feedback, view the What We Heard Report.

While we asked for the community’s thoughts on the project, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the applicant will implement everything that the community suggests. The plan for the site must balance many factors including existing City policy goals, landowner’s rights, technical feasibility, and stakeholder’s feedback.

Please click here to view the panels presented at the Open House on February 22 prior to providing feedback below.

The new concept for the north portion of Sage Hill’s Transit Oriented Planning Area replaces previously anticipated big box commercial and high rise residential towers with medium density residential development. The new development concept would take the form of townhouses, four to six storey multi-residential buildings like condos, and mixed use buildings (with commercial uses on the main floor).

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