A land use amendment application was received by The City for the southeast portion of the Chinook Centre site. The application was approved by City Council on September 11, 2017. View the Council public hearing minutes and video.

See below for information regarding the Land Use Designation Process, the proposal which was submitted and the engagement which was completed.


City staff’s role

City of Calgary staff conduct a technical review of the application, circulate (mail) the application to adjacent residents and other stakeholders to solicit feedback on the site context, and make a recommendation to the Calgary Planning Commission and City Council. After reviewing the recommendation from City staff and the Calgary Planning Commission, City Council ultimately decides whether or not to approve the application.

City staff:

  • Review the proposal and provide feedback to the applicant
  • Ensure that the public has an opportunity to provide input
  • Negotiate changes to the proposal with the applicant, based upon The City’s review of the proposal and feedback from the public
  • Prepare the bylaws and reports that would need to be approved in order for the development to proceed
  • Make a recommendation to the Calgary Planning Commission and City Council about whether we think the proposed development should be approved


1. Land use redesignation (LOC2017-0008) for Site 1 and Site 2

This application proposes to change the designation (how the land is used) to allow for more flexible rules in order to attain a mixed use, transit-oriented development on the Chinook Centre sites. This will be achieved through a new Direct Control (DC) district.*

2. Policy amendment associated with land use redesignation

The changes proposed to the land use designation require that the local area plan (Chinook Station Area Plan) be amended to allow for more flexibility on the Chinook Centre sites.

* A Direct Control (DC) district is used for the purpose of providing for developments that, due to their unique characteristics, innovative ideas or unusual site constraints, require specific regulation unavailable in other land use districts.

Existing and Proposed Site Maps

View a PDF version of the existing and proposed site.

Land use for Site 1 and 2: What has changed?

The land use application proposes a simplified, less prescriptive set of rules to guide transit-oriented, mixed-use development, using two development “sites” (each with its own set of rules), instead of the current five.

Removal of the following is proposed:

  • Requirement for building separation and floor plate restrictions
  • Reference to a pedestrian-oriented street and pedestrian-oriented building design

In addition to adding flexibility to the existing Direct Control district, the new DC proposes:

  • Limitations on the amount of parking that may be provided on each site
  • Phased mixed use development that allows for a parking structure in the first phase for Site 2
  • Increasing the allowable Floor Area Ratio (FAR)* to 7.1 FAR for Site 2 (4.1 FAR of development of FAR of structured parking)
  • Increasing the allowable building height to 115 m for Site 2
  • The option of a bonus of 1.0 FAR as prescribed by the existing SAP

* Floor Area Ratio (FAR) refers to the ratio of the total square footage of a building to the size of the property that it is built on. For example, a floor area ratio of 1.0 indicates that the total square footage of all buildings on the property can be up to one times the total square footage of the property.


Feedback is now closed. Thank you to everyone who provided input.

To learn more about the feedback we received and what we did with that feedback, view the What We Heard & What We Did report.


We asked participants to reference the existing and proposed land use map PDF or view the Site Map images above to see the sites referred to in some of the questions below.

The maximum floor area ratio (FAR) in the previously approved DC ranges from 2.75 to 5.0 for Sites 2 to 5. The weighted average by site area is 4.05. A maximum FAR of 7.1 (3.0 for structured parking and 4.1 in development) is proposed for the new Site 2, which combines the previous Sites 2 to 5. More information regarding this proposed amendment and FAR can be found here.

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The maximum height in the previously approved land use range from 75m to 90m for Sites 2 to 5. A maximum height of 115m is proposed for Site 2, which combines the previous Sites 2 to 5.

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