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Complete the Public Safety Survey

Add your voice to the discussion. In this space, you have an opportunity to share your own experience, insights, and actions for change. If you were not able to attend any of the events, you can still fill out the survey. If you want to learn more you can go to the learn more section of the portal.


The City of Calgary is building an Anti-Racism Strategy for Public Safety. This means setting forward a plan to take concrete actions to reduce hate, harassment and systemic discrimination faced by Indigenous, Black and other Racialized communities.

Who is involved?
The Anti-Racism Program, City of Calgary leads the project. ActionDignity, a community-based organization, and Habitus Consulting Collective, a research and evaluation consulting group based in Calgary are collaborating with The City of Calgary to engage with communities and gather their perspectives on public safety. Based on these responses The City can prioritize and take further actions.

Is this survey for only Indigenous, Black or Racialized communities?
Yes. since this is an anti-racism project to improve the experiences and safety for Indigenous, Black and Racialized communities we are seeking your opinions and perspectives. Often these communities have very few opportunities to shape public policies and offer perspectives to City initiatives.

What will I be asked to do?
Please complete this short survey which will ask you questions about safety in public spaces. It will take approximately 10-12 minutes to complete.

Is this study voluntary?
Yes! You have a right to refuse to participate at any stage. You can refuse to answer any specific question if you do not wish to reply.

Is there any incentive to participate?
Yes! Your name will be entered into a draw where we have 80 cash incentives each worth $50.00. The amount will be e-transferred directly to your preferred email address. There will be two times that a draw will be made: February and March 2023.

How will you make sure my information remains confidential? What do you do with this information?

Your participation is completely anonymous and confidential.

Only members of the consultant team (Habitus Consulting & ActionDignity) will have access to your contact information for entry into the draw. After that we will remove all contact information before sharing it with the larger research team, including the City staff. This means they cannot connect your surveys to you personally.

All information will be stored in password-protected computers by the research team at Habitus Consulting. Once data collection is completed, your contact information will be erased. The information will be reported as an aggregated summary. Summaries of the research findings, and a final report, will be made available to The City who will share it with other departments and City stakeholders to strengthen services and programs. Any information gathered and related work produced belongs to the City of Calgary for the use of the City of Calgary and its stakeholders.