Thanks to everyone who provided input into the neighbourhood vision words. All the ideas you provided can be found in the What We Heard Report. From July 28 to August 8 we asked for your preference on the vision statements. See below for results.

If you aren't familiar with the program your community was selected to participate in The City’s This is my neighbourhood program. Last year, The City delivered more than 100 programs, services and small-scale improvement projects to an inaugural group of 14 communities. This ranged from building a fit park, to adding family-friendly Park n’ Play programming options, to developing pedestrian pathway maps.


Input is now closed. See results below.

The ideas and values from people in Chaparral were collected this year to create a neighbourhood vision and we asked you to provide input on that vision statement.

Pick the vision statement you think is best for Chaparral.

The survey has concluded.

Chaparral values a safe, active, beautiful, connected, and family-friendly neighbourhood.
27% (11 votes)
Chaparral values safety, having activities for all, and being a beautiful, well connected neighbourhood.
12% (5 votes)
Chaparral values being a safe, active, naturally beautiful, well connected and family-friendly neighbourhood.
61% (25 votes)
Total Votes: 41


In the first round of engagement, we asked the following question.

What would make Chaparral a better place to live, work and play?

Choose your top three vision words from the list below, or add your own, and tell us why.

• Accessible • Active • Beautiful • Clean • Connected • Diverse

• Family-friendly • Healthy • Inclusive • Safe • Walkable

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How did you hear about this engagement opportunity?

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.


This input will create a neighbourhood vision. In the summer, we’ll share the report of What We Heard and Neighbourhood Vision on this site.

Then stay tuned! We’ll also need your input to make this vision a reality. We’ll be asking for your creative ideas for small-scale improvements, programs and services.

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